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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

ok maybe donuts are better than coffee with your friends!

The rain has stopped for a bit! Time to get out for a wee break from the computer, call a friend and cycle around for some exercise! My friend Penny finally moved back to the city from Coquitlam (ya think!) and she lives one street over from me. What a blessing.
"Penny can ya come out for a wee cycle?"
"what time?"
"Give me 10 minutes...."
The cycling here is pretty great but when you add Bavarian Creme doughnuts and Cafe Ami to the mix.......well one just has it made! Normally I'd call it a pass on the doughnuts (in trying to keep my figure svelt!) but Penny's description of oozing chocolate and sugar coated melt-in-your-mouth glaze made me throw my hands up in the air in defeat!
Well worth the sacrifice.
"What time we cycling tomorrow Penny?"


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