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Friday 8 March 2013

International Woman's day

It's a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver!
And I don't feel like working.
I'm annoyed with Twitter as someone has hacked my account and keeps posting these tweets that say I'm making money - join me and see how"  Drives me crazy.
But who wants to hear it.
Good news time....My good buddy Chris won a trip to Macho Picchu by qualifying on Rock 101 Radio Station and then having his name drawn out of a bucket!  He's taking me and even though it's never been top of my mind to go there - I am! No details of the trip yet but we know we're flying into Lima, Peru then heading to Cuzco where we're staying.  We'll take the train ride to Machu Picchu, rather than hiking the 4 day trail to get there, and we're going sometime in June! Right on, right on.
Italy is a little on hold - but not off the table yet!
I'm taking a course now on Tuesday nights in basic "grounding and centering" and it's lovely. How truly amazing it feels to be learning something that really would have made my life so much easier growing up if I had these tools.  But I'm learning it now and it's a peaceful experience.
It's International Woman's Day! Don't know what that means really BUT I did run across a storefront window that kinda puts the bounce in this day! Be happy ladies! It's all about the love..... Namaste