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Thursday 31 August 2017

Sayonara August

Today we say sayonara to August

It's been a warm and sunny summer. I learned a lot about myself during these months. We're always growing and changing in ways that get lost if we don't sit back consistantly and notice.  I noticed that I love to serve.  I love to serve.

How you listen is how you live.

Can you hear the women crying?  
Can you hear the soil gasping for clean air?
And did you hear that? 
That’s the sound of a good man asking, How can I serve?
Only with all of you. Mostly by being informed. Entirely with your longing.
Root your life so deeply into your Soul that comparisons, and materialism, and status quo idealism, and the lie called media realism cannot possibly sway your Truth.
You won’t be a sucker for motivation. You will be a devotee of inspiration.
You want to serve? (Please say yes.) Then do what ambition tells you not to do. Forget your goals and your regimens. Be very still and lean in to listen to the pain of the world. And then it will be very clear what to do when you know the Truth. You will let your heart blaze. And your solutions will be fierce with Love, fast with delivery, and sustaining.
You will walk into any room and you will bring joy to bear on the situation.
And it will sound like this:
I am listening. I know who I am. And I am here to serve.
(an exerpt from Danielle Laporte)
Today we say sayonara to August.  I will look back and say I have served.  And it was up-lifting. 


Saturday 19 August 2017

Be a hero with your words

Probably more than any time in my lifetime, we are in need of super heroes. Not the kind that fly in with a cape and save the day. Not the kind that use their big muscles and their strength to win. But rather the kind of heroes and sheroes who have big hearts, deep wisdom and a connection to the infinite.
We need our super heroes to raise their voices when they see others in pain. We need our super heroes to bridge the divides of class, race and parties and work together for the good of us all. We need our super heroes to shine their lights bright.
I know the power of our words can change the world. And I know that the world needs your words.