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Tuesday 21 February 2012

creative inspiration

I have a website for my niece Sidney who's creating these wonderfully funky earrings and finger bracelets.....I'm liking the blue........it's for her background image.......

Thursday 16 February 2012

fresh baked bread with butter

What's more homey than that?
I bake my own bread.
I wish I could tell you that it's like Julia Child or Alexander Chaplin makes, but I use a breadmaker
that I bought @ a yard sale for $20... does the trick for me!
I was inspired by my cousin Barbara while visiting her in Florida last year.  She hasn't bought bread in years!  I thought "I want to do that"!  And since July 2011, I haven't bought a loaf of bread!  
Making your own bread is delicious.  You start getting a reputation and then every house warming or visit to a friends.....ya bring bread! 
I couldn't be happier. 
Oh and its pretty darn economical too..........every organic whole wheat or pesto bread costs me $0.96 to make. Ahhh the simple things in life.

Tuesday 14 February 2012

I'm celebrating LOVE Day.

Though my circumstances have changed from year to year, one constant has remained the same: LOVE. No matter what variety of it that I was feeling, or lacking, in some cases, LOVE has always been the deciding factor in how I'd answer the question.

There are all kinds of love. Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic, mushy, gushy love. For me, it's the someone special's (i.e. YOU!) that make up my entire life. 
It's not about what kind of love. It's about that unmistakable sense of warmth, comfort, and belonging that comes with Love. It's about the Love that we share with people.
I've realized how lucky I am to be able to feel love.
From my heart to yours, Happy LOVE Day!


Sunday 12 February 2012

Gosh I love pretty thngs!

There's something to be said for "all white".
This isn't really a dress but materials and baubles thrown together and I just think it works.
If I could be surrounded by materials and baubles all day..I would be tickled white!

Sometimes I just wander the streets to get design ideas. It's not unusual to get inspiration this way.  I have folders on my computer filled with pictures I take from these wanderings. Every once in awhile I go through them and try to find a way to pass on my beautiful thoughts.

If nothing else, they make me happy.
Life's short. Enjoy each moment.