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Wednesday 29 March 2017

I've been away

Wish I could say it was the south of France on a warm beach.

For the past few months my sister's "living" with Cancer was coming to an end.  "There's nothing more we can do for you" they said.
Heartbreaking words.
We'd been "living her struggle" for the past 2.5 years when she moved in with us because she needed some help, but going to the hospital that snowy Feb evening and getting the prognosis that her Cancer was taking over was it.  It was now all about how we make life comfortable for her last days.

We pulled her out of the hospital.  February 14. Called the family and had a week long party.  Well not a "party" like we hoped but pretty close. It's different saying goodbye everyday for a month and a half.  Cancer is not a quick ascension into the stars.  It's a slow moving painful bitch and it sucks the life out of everyone.  Enough said.  But Diane, you were fearless.

Diane knew her last day. We all did actually. It came with restlessness and major distress with her breathing.  But it also came with her face lighting up and her almost non existent vocal chords whispering "hello" "hello" "hello" "hello". We knew she was seeing the other side and greeting the beings who were there to help her transition on.  It's the only memory I cherish right now. 

There is truth in her guided spiritual ascension. 
Diane. See you again on our next adventure. I LOVE you.