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Friday 19 July 2013

picture fun...or not.

So I'm working on Jibe Design's new website because it's time! (yes it's taking me awhile....)
Jibe Designs is growing and there's now 4 of us who are getting together to make it more of a studio, bring our many talents to the table, because we can!
We had some fun the other day and took a picture of us all, and then "grunged" it up.......see what you think?

Saturday 13 July 2013

on being motivated

I don't know about everyone else out there but I find it very difficult on my "home office" days to
work inside! Good thing Jibe Designs is looking to find office space!

I like my little corner of the house....but it is distracting.......there's a few windows to look out into the outside world, a tv to watch (if you peek between the flowers) AND there's wine and books! Now mind you there's a lot of empty wine bottles in the rack and for two good reasons: 1) we have a teenager in the house and it might fool her when she sees the empty ones (as compared to the full ones mixed intermittently) and 2) when ya love a good wine, this is how we keep the label. 
Of course it has a little glitch as when you're at the liquor store - the wine bottle label is sitting collecting dust in the rack!  I don't highlight my hair blonde for nothing!

Would you not say these are distracting issues?

I've always wanted an office with a dog or cat around though..... we have 2 cats here..... this whole set-up might be a little hard to beat but when the right moment comes along, it'll all fall into place.  For now though, you can find jibe designs either here, out "there" or at the beach!


Friday 12 July 2013