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Saturday 21 December 2019

We're Smack Dab in the Middle of the Holidays: and it's RAINING!

But that's ok....my Oma would say.

It's been a little dark and dreary in Vancouver of late and it reminds us that these months are for hibernating a bit as the bears do. 
I actually have found that the cozy twinkle lights we use this time of year has inspired me to be more creative. I've done some of my best designs lately!
When one walks out the home door these days the craziness starts! It's a traffic battle out there and if we all chilled a bit, it wouldn't be so bad. I find I cycle and walk everywhere despite the rain, just to not get into the stress that comes when you're behind the wheel. 

This time of year I'm drawn to many things including color, light, warmth, quiet, solitude, gentle movement, good books, and wholesome food. Appreciating all these things helps me through the long dark days of winter. And much like life, setting an intention to celebrate this seasonal journey instead of merely riding it out until its over, is high on my list of priorities.
So I'm done.

Done my shopping, work designing, gift making, home decorating, blah, blah, blah...
Now I'm dancing the stress away in some random Vancouver bar. 
Come say hi. I'm the old bird doing the funky chicken at the back of the room playing the imaginary bongos. 

with lots of love,