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Monday 21 May 2012

I'm back in the saddle again.......

I've been away a long, long time.
Thanks for pointing this out cousin Barbara!

News is, I've sublet my apartment again for a different adventure this time; living with my sister so that I can really decide where my work path is going to take me.    

So many opportunities pop out at you in a day.  The question is, which one are you going to take?
I've been contemplating this for a year now and pretty much everyday is an adventure to knowing more about myself.  We change as we get older.  I mean, we change all the time but life is like that and you either go with the flow or resist the inevitable. 
Taking the Multimedia course has led me to a few interesting opportunities but has also had that nasty word "FEAR" crop up into my mind.  It's easy to go back to the familiar but probably better if you face your fears about unfamiliar territories.
I'm poor, but I'm happy!
I wouldn’t change a single thing about how I have gotten here, for every open door that I have walked through has led me to this beautiful life I am living......