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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Gourmet dinner with friends

My friend Marla invited a few gals to dinner last night and seriously folks, I'm the lucky one to have this lovely friend!  Marla's place is a little eclectic with silk throws and tassels and all things interesting! Look at our appetizers!  Lovely bread and olives and this amazingly beautiful tomato/basil leaf/and cucumber on toothpicks bathed in balsamic vinegar. And wasabi humus freshly made. We all collected in the kitchen nook as Marla moved the dining table into the living area and isn't that just so perfect as the hub is always in the kitchen.
We chatted, drank wine and Marla cooked a sumptious meal!  It surprises me that we can eat all night when we gather at Marla's place.  Bravo for girls getting together and doing their lovely thing!  Heres to women everywhere just hanging out. It was a lovely evening!


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