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Friday 28 December 2012

Hello (...ello, ello). Is there anybody out there?

There's nothing like waking up to NO ONE around after the Christmas holidays and enjoying that first cup of java!
Thanks for checking in.
I haven't written since the end of the summer so I have a little catch-up to do. I started a part time job working 3 days a week in the marketing dept at VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation.  I still do design work at Jibe Designs. I'm pretty lucky to have this low stress life right now.  It's really the way I want to live. Who ever said working so hard gets you anywhere? Do what you like, the money will follow.  And maybe, just maybe I can win the lottery!  Someone has to.
I've been cycling to work, baking my own bread and meditating to be a better person. My life is pretty simple. I have to take some time and put my thoughts out to the Universe about what I want next year. Maybe my next cup of java will help.....