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Friday, 18 January 2013

how about a little bread with that butter

So last night I made my first sourdough rye bread. It's an art this sourdough stuff because one has to make the "sour" dough culture first (takes at east 4 days) and then you mix that culture in 3 types of flour, knead it and it has to rise overnight.  Mine really didn't rise much because the temperatures have to be just right (weird). (and I forgot the salt so I threw it in after). I put it in the oven this morning and voila! Looks good but I haven't tasted it yet! It's too pretty.  I'm going to relish it for a little while with my eyes, then cut it soon.....with a lot of butter on the slice!

The sun is shining in Vancouver this morning! I woke up to the fog horns going off constantly since 6:00am.  It's an interesting thing living close to the ocean. If it's not the gulls screeching, it's the fog horn going!  I do love it though.  After having lived in Ontario for most of my young life, the sounds of gulls always reminded me of the ocean.  Now that I live by the ocean, the gulls still have a way of telling me how grateful I am to live here.
Life is good. Always believe that.


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