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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

there's a couple of "hooters" in town!

Did you know there are Artctic Snowy Owls in Vancouver?
Neither did I!  Until a friend said he'd heard they've stopped to rest here in Boundary Bay on their way down from the Arctic.

We went over to check it out and sure enough, we caught a few of them hanging out by the dykes, checking us out too!  They have no fear of us.  They don't see many humans where they live in the Arctic.  Let's just hope no one gets stupid and trys to stress them out while they're here. Apparantly a few have died due to some harsh conditions on their migration.  Sad really.  Not the humans fault.  It's life. (but I'm sue glad I wasn't witness to dead snowy owls)
I'm stoked to have seen them in real life, in full snowy color! Last time they were here was in 2008. 
Chris got a few good pictures and was happy to share them with me.
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