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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dream a little dream, dream, dream, dreeeeem

I'm planning to go to Italy.

What the hell! Ever since "Under the Tuscan Sun" came out, I'm sure Italy's visitor population of the over 40's single women boomed. Hey, it got me thinking "why not?"

Why not rent a villa in Positano with your girlfriends?
Why not expect to meet a few nice Italian men and meet them on your rented moped?
Why not drink wine with breakfast, lunch and dinner? (or instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Why not sit on a balcony overlooking the Almafi Coast after having stepped out of the shower?
Why not meet your old high-school friends there for a re-union?
Why not dine out every night, because you can?

All of the above is the plan this year.  So I've been preparing by doing all things I-talian. I'm reading "When in Rome...A Novel of Piazzas and Passion" 
Sclock really.
And then there's the "produce of Italy - Cantucci D'Abruzzo al Pistaccchio e Cedro falcone" I picked up (pistachio cookies), pasta dishes I'm starting to eat and a great site on Airb&b https://www.airbnb.ca/ which I search constantly for "stunning" villas to rent.  Got the girlfriends on board, the "first squeeze" of my life visiting us there, AND euros in my pocket.

Freedom 55 baby!
Here we go


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