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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year!

This life is full of calculated risks. And you're never sure which ones will work in your favour or not.  
But if you wait to feel okay before taking a risk, you'll never jump.
It's supposed to feel uncomfortable.
As you get ready to ring in 2017, think about the risks you're ready to take, and the ones you didn't take in 2016 that you wish you did.
If you go ahead and take the risk (whatever it may be)....and it fails....You won't really be behind at all, because failure is not really failure. It's learning and growing from an outcome we didn't plan.
But now, if you go ahead and take the risk...and it succeeds....How thankful will you be that you JUMPED and can see the progress when you're looking back New Years 2017!
I promise you I'm taking some uncomfortable jumps this year. Let the adventures begin! It's the way I'm going to ROLL.
Happy New Year everyone. I'm cheering to your success (and mine) tonight!

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