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Monday, 12 September 2011

when @ the beach.....

Petra & Ria
Sometimes one really has to take a break from the norm......and that's why my sister and I tried "clamming" out at Boundary Bay on the week-end!  We brought a pail and 2 wee shovels we scooped from the neighbour's and with our love of adventure, off we went!  Of course if you've ever been to Boundary Bay when the tides are out - it's a daunting expanse of clam space and we looked at each other and questioned "where do we start?"  Being the one who thought she had more of a handle on clams, I said "here" and with utter fascination and excitement it turns out ya can pretty much dig anywhere and clams live below the surface! What a grand time we had pulling out big clams (we placed the small ones back) and then we ran into a wee dilemma.  Ria and I don't like killing anything. What a conundrum. So we decided that we would only take home a few and see how it goes. We do enjoy clams.
We found a recipe online and then discovered we had to clean those babies really good.  Not having any white wine around (can you believe it) we steamed them in water, garlic, onions, rosemary and lemon.  Thankfully there were no "squealing" sounds coming from the pot! With sighs of relief we were excited to finally try our clams.

Note to self: wash and saltwater soak them a little longer........
makes for a less grittier ingestion!


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