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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

what's that about a helmet?

It's social media week and I've been attending some of the great seminars they've been promoting.  The other day I went to the "blogging" summit and as it was a nice day, I roller bladed down to Robson Square from where I live in Kits. The summit was terrific and in a nutshell it suggested I blog about anything and everything! Feeling quite inspired, I put the blades on to head to the office and took a wee hill a little fast and it was rocky! This lovely lady cushioned my brake (meaning I roller bladed into her rather than into the traffic!) Well as "saviours" sometimes tend to do, I got some strong advise to WEAR A HELMET!  I've been fine till now - thank you very much.  But her advise stuck with me the whole day.
I wear a biking helmet (but I don't like it) Do you ever notice how the helmets are just on the top of your head? I mean when you fall sideways, what about the side of your head?  And so now I'm seeing full on helmets like the little kids wear on the ski hill!
Pretty soon we'll be in body armour.   I'm just say'in.


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