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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Having a wee design business is hard

When you get into working from home on your own little design business, I swear you have to become a jill-of-all trades!  And that gets annoying at times!  I have to be and do everything and well SEO! That's so time consuming!  I have a few business partners I can utilize but I get too independent sometimes and their timelines don't always match to mine!  So do I carry on?  Yes.  Being creative is fun still but its time to find new people to work with so that growth and fun times are tenfold.
It's been a great summer and I've designed a few sites! Some I've had input in - others have been all the clients idea!  When you're creating people's visions,  you have to find the courage inside just to zip the lips and give 'em what they ask for!
It's been a slice.
I'm currently working on this...

I've done these....


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