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Monday, 11 April 2011

sailing update

The inaugural 2011/12 America’s Cup World Series begins this summer with three regattas to be staged in Cascais, Portugal ( August 6 -14), Plymouth, England,(September 10-18) and in San Diego. (sometime in November-December). A further series is planned for 2012/13, before the Louis Vuitton Cup for all the Challengers in San Francisco in September 2013, followed by the 34th America’s Cup match itself. Racing begins in new AC45 catamarans, (those fabulous boats I talked about in a previous blog) which are then replaced by giant 72 foot wing sailed ‘monsters’, potentially  capable of over 40 knots speed, competing in a combination of both fleet and match racing. 
It's going to be really great!  Anyone interested in heading to any of the hosting countries? Maybe I can get a design contract there? It's time to start jumping aboard.
As for school - still going - working on an internship at the moment creating a client's website - haven't even completed mine yet.  Well, technically I have but I'm not totally happy with it and that's why my website "jibedesigns" is still under construction! I'm on it! I'm also currently working on a movie in Final Cut - interesting stuff.
I've decided to head down to Florida for the summer to do a little sailing (on the 75ft schooner pictured here), some crewing, maybe some racing on Grand Nellie docked in St. Petersburg, Florida. Also going to do some design work for a worthy cause: teaching sailing to kids for self esteem. check out their website: http://sailvation.org/

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